Composer: Carlos Seixas

Arranger: Rebeca Oliveira

Solo Guitar | Advanced


This transcription follows the tradition of the old guitar masters of arranging barroque keyboard Sonatas such as the ones by Antonio Soler and Domenico Scarlatti. These two sonatas are contrasting in character and therefore complement each other. Sonata 14, transcribed in Am, has a consuming expression, dynamic contrast and lyricism. To get the original color regarding the tonality, I suggest to the interpreter the use of a Capo on the 3rd fret. The form of this Sonata is as follows: Allegro / Minuet I-II-I. In the Sonatas that end with a Minuet, the repetition of the previous movements can be an interpretative option. 

Sonata 37 begins with a virtuosic Allegro which is followed by an elegant Adagio and an unpretentious Minuet. Therefore, and once again concerning a matter of taste, there is no ornamentation in this Sonata, since I believe that the clarity and purity of the music should be highlighted. The written ornamentation is the one that appears in the original score. 

The fingerings in both sonatas were chosen according to the articulation and phrasing. In these Sonatas it is possible to appreciate the juxtaposition between the European music of the time and nstalgic Portuguese character. 

Carlos Seixas - Sonata 14, 37 (Tr. Rebeca Oliveira)

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